Living with health and illness groups

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Whitby Piers and Lighthouse

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Do you have a long-term physical health problem that significantly affects your life?

Do you feel isolated and struggle to function?

If so you may like to join a free, local group that meets for two and a half hours once a week over a ten week period at Whitby Hospital.

The group is run by a local GP and Psychotherapist and it is a confidential space in which members can share their experiences of living with a life limiting condition.  Having an opportunity to talk openly in this way, whilst learning about others' experiences can bring relief and support and help to develop new ways of coping with the challenges you face.

To register your interest in joining a group contact Maddy Gair on 07582 179946.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Join a Group?

Having a long-term health problem can

Talking with others in a supportive, confidential environment can help you feel understood and can increase your sense of wellbeing.

Previous participants have reported:

Groups are led by a team of local health professionals - Dr Margaret Jackson, local GP, and Peter Leviné and Yvonne Lawrence, both UCKP registered Psychotherapists.  Meetings also include a short programme of gentle exercise, movement and relaxation.